An Evening of Fear

Two one act plays combine to celebrate the autumn holidays Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. 


In this adaptation of the original vampire story, Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, the most famous vampire of all employs Jonathan Harker a solicitor (Victorian version of a real estate agent) to move himself, boxes of the soil he was buried in and his coffins from Transylvania to an estate near an insane asylum in London.  The English citizens nearby are each terrorized in a different way.  Jonathan is returned to London having been drained of blood but alive.  Asylum patient Renfield becomes his oracle and a murderer himself.  Lucy is turned into a vampire that ends up trying to drink the blood of children.  And Mina is unwillingly becoming the count's bride.  They are assisted by the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing.  But, Mina may need to save herself.  

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la llorona square logo.jpg

La Llorona Me Sigue

World Premiere

Tales of La Llorona are common among the peoples of Latin America.  The ghost who is known to have drowned her children in an act of rage over mistreatment from her husband, now wanders the rivers of Mexico, Central and South America, and even the Southwest regions of the United States, drowning children she believes to be those that she lost.  


Many fear her, some have even seen her.  

In this new horror/teen drama play, Ximena finds herself away from home and friends and being haunted by La Llorona.  While she fights to save the child entrusted to her care from drowning, she also realizes she has more in common with the weeping woman than she would have expected.  

The play includes a large cast.  It has elements of a modern horror film and a beautifully danced version of La Llorona's legend.