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Why should Theatre at East High be a part of your high school experience?

drama classes

Take a drama class for one of your fine arts or elective credits and take a break from your school day in the little theatre where you can be anybody you want to be. Learn to improvise like the guys on “Whose Line.”


Mr. Kevin McClellan


  • In 2015 was nominated as a top ten finalist for best director by the Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards for his work on West Side Story.

  • Has a bachelor’s degree in theatre direction and a master’s in choreography from BYU.

  • At East High, helped students earn many superiors at region and state competitions.

  • Spent 6 years as Artistic Director for Draper Historic Theatre.

  • DHT was twice named by the Deseret News as the best community theatre in Utah while Mr. Mc was in charge.

  • A former member of Opera West and Mountain West Ballet.

  • Many of his former stage crew and acting students received scholarships and jobs in the theatre profession.

  • Annually directs an original 100 kid revue called “Broadway Kidz.”

  • Also has an independent photography business and has been known to teach math classes as well where his students sing and dance their equations.

  • Has a lovely wife Jenn and 6 children.  

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