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Classical Comedy Scenes for 2 Women
The Improtance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

Two upper class women, mistakenly believe that they are in love with the same man.  In fact, they are in love with two different men both pretending to be the same man.  However, that doesn't stop their afternoon tea from becoming quite a catty and hilariously restrained battles.  

On The Porch One Crisp Spring Morning

by Alex Dremann

A mother and daughter sit on the porch and discuss their secret agency.


by Jonathan Dorf

Jake is writing a letter to a knife company complaining about the quality of the knife he bought.  Sounds kind of funny at first until you realize that the reason he is complaining is because he attempted suicide with the knife.  Powerful monologue, but be careful with it.  Could be triggering.   

Though written with a somewhat masculine feeling to it, it could be for either gender.  

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