Once again, I apologize for the lateness of this post. Hopefully, all of you will have enough practice to show your best stuff.


Be sure to read the character descriptions I already published.


Fairy Godmother:


Some of you have been called back because of your classical soprano sound. Some for your pop/belt/mix sound. In the various versions of this show, we have examples of both. I'm honestly not sure which way I want it performed, so this is your chance to convince me one way or the other. Though probably none of you have quite as many licks and runs in you as Whitney Houston herself, feel free to make this your own.


Pop version: Start with "Now you can go wherever you want to go" at about 1:50

Classical Version: Start with "Now you can go wherever you want to go" at about 2:00

Script for Cinderella and Fairy Godmother

Cinderella Callback Instructions


Good luck with this song.  Hammerstein tried to write a song about Cinderella's beauty being so intense that even he, the prince, can't believe his good fortune.  What he actually wrote is a weird narcissistic take on the love at first sight song making it more about himself then about her. Try to make it about her and not about you.  

Broadway Version;  0:50 to 1:30

TV Version 0:42 to 1:15

Script for Cinderella and Christopher

Joy, Grace and Stepmother

See Character descriptions.  

There is no recording of this exact arrangement with up to four part harmony.  Here's the sheet music.  

The roles will go to girls who can hold their harmony AND switch from funny to sincerely cruel as in this scene.  


Any version of the Prince is Giving a Ball will do.  No recording of the version we're using.

Here is the flirtation with Stepmother and Lionel.


King and Queen   

Song Queen sings vers (They walk on every vilage street) King sings Chorus, "Boys and Girls Like You and Me"

Script w/Christopher and Lionel


No need for an additional side here.  Just prepare to sing "In My Own Little Corner" in a way that makes her seem strong but not as strong as she'd like to be.  Remember she is imagining herself in powerful roles, but she is too beaten down by her abusive family to attempt to achieve her dreams.  

I gave you sheet music instead of a recording so you can make it your own.  Measures 89 to 192.