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Clilck Here for a list of volunteer spots and easy sign ups.


Volunteer tasks include:

  • Publicity Distribution

  • Concessions and Fundraising

  • Simple Sewing

  • Errands

April Newsletter


Financial Donations always welcome

For Changing Minds:

  • Silk plants and trees

  • Formal wear for Prom scene. 



  • Old leggings, leotards, sweat pants, T Shirts etc in dark colors (Black, grey brown) that can be converted into stylized gorilla costumes

  • Artificial plants, particularly tropical.

  • Canvas old fashioned looking tent.

  • Antique-looking items that the explorers might take into a camp.  (please don't give us something of real value)


Any time:

  • Flat latex paint of any color

  • Paint supplies

  • Your Scrap studs and plywood

  • Any dress clothing (slacks, dress shirts, shoes etc.)

  • Any clothing that represents a specific era.


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