Dramatic Scenes for 2 women
Dream of the Burning Boy

by David West Read

At the beginning modern drama, Dane a smart if not smart aleck high school student has a discussion about his grade on a paper with his English teacher, steps into the hallway and dies of a brain aneurysm.  Larry, the stern and lonely teacher feels guilty, but more so because unbeknownst to ...anybody... Larry is Dane's father, a product of an affair with Dane's mother that they have managed to keep secret all these years.  

There are three scenes in the library from this play: 

     1) Rachel, Dane's sister, confronts Larry about the bizarre favoritism Larry has always shown Dane which eventually causes Larry to confess that Dane is his son.  

     2) Larry imagines what it would be like if he could relive his final conversation with Dane.  

     3) Rachel, Dane's sister, and Chelsea, Dane's girlfriend meet in the counselor's office.  (Steve, the counselor is not present) While Chelsea has been making a public show of her grief, Rachel has been silently suffering.  The girls try to help and empathize with each other but their personalities and their approaches to Dane's death are just too different.  

Steel Magnolias

by Robert Harling

You've probably heard the line, "I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special."  That's from this scene.  Unlike the movie with Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton and Sally Fields, this whole play takes place in a Southern beauty parlor.  The title of the play means that though these women may seem delicate like flowers, they are as strong as steel.   In this scene, Shelby tells her mother M'Lynn that she is going to have a baby.  M'Lynn believes that because Shelby is diabetic, that the pregnancy will cause Shelby's death.  Ironically, later in the play, the M'Lynn's fears turn out to be true.  In this scene, however, Shelby just seeks her mother's acceptance of her decision.