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 Scenes for 3 Characters
The Outsiders

by S.E. Hinton adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel

Greasers Johnny and PonyBoy are in trouble.  In a fight, Johnny stabbed a "Soc" named Bob.  Though the killing may have been self defense, the boys are on the run and hiding in a church in the country because they don't believe they can defend themselves from the police.  This scene could be for two boys or three.  Later in the scene Dallas shows up and gives them poor advice.  The key to acting this scene is to maintain the fear and isolation that stems from their low place in society and their youth and incompetence even while they try to make each other feel OK.  The scene contains calm ordinary lines that are exciting if the actors use them to attempt to calm each other while maintaining the tension of a terrible situation.  

Nobody Nose (the trouble I've seen)

by Gregory Fletcher

A brother and sister prepare for their father's funeral.  Along the way, 

Hammered: A Thor and Loki Play

by Christian Borle

This is an officially licensed Marvel play Thor and Loki are having a typical teen brothers kind of argument, ("Dude, where's my hammer?") Their mother intervenes.  

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