Utah Theatre Association Conference 2020

East High’s Trip Details as we know them. 


Dear Parents,


I have been attending the Utah Theater Association conference (sometimes called Dramacon) for over 30 years (skipping a few when I was in college.)  I have found it to be consistently a positive experience for any student who is serious about learning more about theater.  I still use things I learned in conferences as a teenager.  It introduces them to a much wider world of theater, artists, other high school students, college professors and professionals.  The experience is difficult to describe because it is unlike anything these students have ever experienced.  But, it is an intensive active all theater all day experience in which students can glean exactly what they choose to get out of it. 


This year, the conference is here in Salt Lake City.  Some events will actually be held here at East High including our performance of “The Fantasticks.”  So, at this point, students who wish to attend will only need to pay the bargain registration price of $81 if paid on or before October 28.  Students who register after the deadline will pay $90 and may not get a T shirt. 


The registration includes, all classes, workshops, keynote address from a Broadway professional, tickets to performances and a T shirt. 


The registration does not include other meals or transportation.  Once we know who is attending and where in Salt Lake City the various events will be held, we will arrange transportation as necessary (some events may be in walking distance of East) and compile carpools and appropriate permission forms as needed. 


Participation is 100% optional. 


Students who are interested in majoring in theater in college are encouraged to attend and talk to college recruiters.  In their senior year they may display tech theater portfolios or audition for scholarships. 


The conference itself is still in planning phases.  As they update information, it will all be posted on utahtheatreassociation.org. 



Kevin McClellan




Student Cost: $81 which includes:

  • Conference Registration

  • Keynote address from a Broadway Professional

  • Workshops with University Professors and Theatre Professionals

  • A Conference T shirt

  • Tickets to several productions


Stuff We Know

  • We will meet at East High or another central location each day and make sure that everybody gets transported. 

  • As we need to carpool, we will get appropriate G-8 forms for all drivers and passengers. 

  • Even as we go to different destinations, sometimes in different vehicles all students will let Mr. McClellan know where they are at all time. 

  • We will need some additional adult chaperones. 

Conference Begins Thursday Jan 16,

  • You will attend Morning Classes at East. 

  • Workshops and conferences begin sometime in the afternoon.

  • There will be a Dinner Break but no food provided.  Hopefully, we can find some places to eat together. 

  • Conference will end around 9-10pm on Thursday and Friday, around 4pm on Saturday. 

Conference on Friday January 17 is all day 9am-9 or 10pm

  • Keynote address

  • Workshops

  • Lunch is usually provided this day. 

  • There will also be a dinner break, same as above

  • Evening Performance. Those in “Fantasticks” will perform both nights.  Those who are not will have a chance to attend other productions. 

Saturday Jan 20

  • Conference will probably go from 9am-4pm


Stuff We DON’T Know…yet

  • Who the keynote speaker will be.  (But it will be somebody great)

  • Exact start times of workshops and shows.

  • Which workshops will be offered, though there will be many in any aspect of theater you can imagne.

  • Which Salt Lake Campus we will attend workshops at.  (Could be U of U, Westminster or the Salt Palace)

  • Which productions we will see.  There is usually a mix of high school and college shows, sometimes a professional show. 

  • How much transportation will be necessary. 


More info at: utahtheatreassociation.org


Important Info for Parents


Contact Info:

I will use remind.com to inform kids of where they need to be.  Parents concerned about who



$81 if paid on or before October 28. 


Additional Costs:

Students will be responsible for their own meals.  I encourage brining food, at least snacks, and it is up to individual families what they will budget for restaurants while we are there. 


The Rules:

Students will be expected to:

  • Participate in all the scheduled events.

  • Be on time for bus trips, performances and workshops.

  • Let Mr. McClellan know where you are at all times. 

  • Be kind to each other.

  • Behave as if they were in school and represent East High well.

Students who break these rules may not be allowed to return the following day.  In extreme cases, students will need to leave the conference immediately.  In which case, it will be the parents’ responsibility to arrange transportation.