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Dramatic Monologues for Men
A Time to Kill

by John Grisham

A young white lawyer is defending a black man who killed his daughter's rapists.  This is his closing argument to the jury.  


by Mary Shelley

A very articulate monster struggles with the nature of his existence while threatening his creator.  

The Unwanted

by Walter Wykes

A man struggle with the effects of his wife's suicide.  


by Peter Schaffer

A disturbed young man is in therapy because he blinded six horses.  In this monologue he explains how his obsession with horses began.  

Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Brutus rationalizes himself into Caesar's assassination plot.

The Author's Voice

by Richard Greenberg

Todd is a handsome but dull and not too smart young man has become a famous author by publishing the writings of Gene a disfigured gnome that lives in his closet.  In this monologue he negotiates with the gnome who refuses to write until he allows Gene to observe him on a date.  

A Fresh Coat of Paint

by Richard Greenberg

In Fresh Coat of Paint, Brewster becomes brutally honest with his brother because he feels betrayed when he learns of his brother’s business dealings.  Written for a black man.  

Boxing Monologue


A boxer explains attempts to justify himself after it is publicized that he hit a guest at a barbeque.  Is he telling the truth?  

4 am

by Jonathan Dorf

Jake is writing a letter to a knife company complaining about the quality of the knife he bought.  Sounds kind of funny at first until you realize that the reason he is complaining is because he attempted suicide with the knife.  Powerful monologue, but be careful with it.  Could be triggering.   

Though written with a somewhat masculine feeling to it, it could be for either gender.  


Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers and Kate Trefry

Hopper has just escaped a Russian prison, then was caught and returned.  He knows that Joyce has been captured while trying to rescue him.  He talks to his cellmate a Russian and former guard that he had bribed to help him escape and re-evaluates his life.

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