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West Side Story Cast List

West Side Story

Cast List

First Rehearsal Monday 2:40pm Auditorium

Please go home and grieve (or gloat) privately and then come back prepared to work as a team

If you auditioned and your name does not appear, that means there was a problem with your registration. Please see Mr. McClellan


Tony: Jake Adamson

Riff: Skyler Devries

Diesel: Cameron Jones

Baby John: Josh Teeples

A-rab: Kyle Schoonover

Action: Austin Haws

Big Deal: Peter Ashworth

Gee-tar: Joseph Mckellor

Mouthpiece: Dallas Bates

Tiger: Edward

Snowboy: Levi Anderson


Ryan Fredrickson

David Morgan

Julian Hutchings

Ross Butler

Their Girls:

Graziella: Sara Wright

Velma: Lena Felt

Minnie: Ashley Maxfield

Clarice: Anna Colrtin

Pauline: Audra Tessman

Bonnie: Elena Rogers

Anybodys: Meggie Sorenson

Ashley Ouimette

Riley Bigler

Emily Henricksen

Carly Toyn

Jaime Hutchison

Jodi Sumsion

Reagan Brown

Anna Jones

Anna Grayson

Kat Schmidt

Olivia Koziatek

Sadie Vance

Sage Marston

Emily Kitterer

Kaitlyn Gordon

Katy Mayer

Zaily Peterson


Bernardo: Skyler Bunnell

Chino: Brayaan Ramos

Pepe: Uriel

Indio: Mark Garcia

Luis: Joel Galvez

Juano: Tevin Lawler

Toro: Abdulrahman Almashhadani

Anxoius: Felipe Marin

Nibbles: Dominik Traversie

Moose: Steven Berntsen


Mason Mcgee

Teric Hill

Samuel Marston


Their Girls:

Maria: Angela Wright

Anita: Brianda Marin

Consuela: Tba from List below

Rosalia: Dahlia

Teresita: Amanda Vargas

Francisca: Rosa Escobedo

Estella: Aria Critchley

Margarita: Emily Beatse


Stella Fitzgerald


Jazmin May

Andria Irvin

Alicia Jimenez

Melissa Gonzalez

Crisol Garcia

Jamie Worthen


Reanna Russell

Mariana Castaneda

Marlene Flores

Haley Ramos

Rowena Laloni

Christine Soper

Rachel Juvenal

Grace Cunningham

Kathryn Hicks

Alexis Lokeni

Emily Kitterer

The Adults:

Doc: Oscar Andersen

Lieutenant Schrank: Byron Mellville

Officer Krupke: Mason Widdison

Glad Hand: Thomas Loveridge

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