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Call Back List for Sister Act

Sister Act

Call Back List

Thanks for auditioning. It’s so exciting to watch each of you put forth so much effort, and at the same time supporting each other so well.

I’m hoping to give you chances to prepare for this well. You will find here links to the music to learn and scripts to prepare.

Open Call Backs for Sister Mary Lazarus and Sister Mary Theresa

I have two roles that require some different skill sets other than those displayed in the first audition. If you think you have these skills, please come ready to display them at the beginning of callbacks, even if your name does not appear on this list.

Sister Mary Theresa

WHO: Open. Do you think you can show some age? There will be a one line callback for anybody who thinks they can show that age with your voice and body right at the beginning of call backs

Mary Lazarus

WHO: Mary Andrus, Kayanna Kendrick, Josie Loveridge, Emily Beatse Makayla Haupricht plus anyone who thinks they can master this rap.

SING: Rap from “Sunday Morning Fever” , Starts at 2:54


WHO: Angela Wright, Mya Sanchez, Meggie Sorensen, Aria Critchley

SING: ‘Fabulous Baby’ time: 2:47 to the end.

Mother Superior:

WHO: Angela Wright, Emily Kitterer, Aspen DeLaCruz, Meggie Sorensen

SING: I Haven't Got a Prayer Time: 1:20-1:53

Sister Mary Roberts:

WHO: Aria Critchley, Kaitlyn Nielson, Dylan Seeley

SING: 1) Sunday Morning Fever: time: 3:37-4:01 with any riff you wish on “miracles can happen”

2) Life I Never Led Time: 0:53-1:36

Learn the song from this actress but don't copy her voice. I like your voices better.

Sister Mary Patrick:

WHO: mia lichtenwalter, emily kitterer,morgan melville, jesikah cox, karina soto, anina cummings, aspen de la cruz,

SING: Raise your Voice Time 3;;45-4:00


WHO: Avery Millar, Angel Huichapa, Tommy Loveridge, Logan Liong, Adam Oviedo, josh teeples, andrew jacobo

SING: When I Find My Baby Time: 2:48 to the end


WHO: Adam Oviedo, Dylan Packham, Preston Johansson, Josh Teeples, Isaac Bates

SING: I Could Be That Guy Time: 2:45-3:20

Learn the song, but don't copy this voice.


WHO: Archer Anderson, Trejan Manley, Dylan Packham, ryan grundvig Buddy McClelland

Sing: Lady in the long black dress Time 1:30-2:11


WHO: avery millar, andrew jacobo, preston johansson, morgan anderson

SING: Lady in the long black dress Time beginning to 0:50


WHO: Mark Garcia, Talon Wright

SING: Lady in the long black dress Time 3:00-3:20

Monsignor O'Hara

WHO: Tommy Loveridge, Joseph McKellar, Archer Anderson, Buddy McClelland, Ian Ashwroth

Tina and Michelle:

Who: treasure sibanda, karina lopez, belen alvarez, kimberly ramirez, maggie macfarlane, shelby washington, madilyn vought, kaitlyn nielson, sydney scaley, emma osborne, Emily Beatse, Aria Critchley, Meggie Sorenson

SING: learn the harmonies if you can. Take me to Heaven Time;0;42-1:13 Sheet music below

Here are the sides, you can memorize if you want, but remember it's an acting test, not a reading or memorization test:

Sister Mary Patrick (monologue)

Deloris/ Mary Roberts

Mother Superior/Deloris



Mary Lazarus/Mary Martin of Tours/Mary Theresa


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