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Help decide on the EHS Winter show for next year


My goals for the 2019 play.

  • Big Draw to the student body and community.

  • Bright, colorful, magic of theater.

  • Provide good opportunities for girls.

  • Fit the cast.

  • Non-Disney…maybe

  • Non- Musical….maybe

The White Snake

Based on a Chinese folk tale, two snakes assume human form. One falls in love, marries, has a child. But an evil monk tries to split them apart by revealing the white snake’s true identity. Cool elemental stage effects and a deceptively simple dialogue that deeply explores what it’s like to feel you have to hide your true nature in order to be loved.

Video Preview


  • 2 strong female leads

  • Entirely unique

  • Indicates some diversity

  • Visually stunning

  • Narrators and ensemble

  • Large cast for a play

  • Beautiful, colorful and fantasy

  • Could be cut down for one act play, effects should travel

  • Could work with Ms. Cui


  • Completely unknown

  • Ensemble doesn’t have so much to do that a really large cast would work.

  • Costumes could be expensive

The Tempest

Description: Shakespeares (likely) last play and definitely his most overtly magical. A duke who, with his young daughter, is exiled by the king, takes up the magical arts in order to exact revenge on his captors. Three concurrent stories, one of revenge, one of romance, one of comedy. In our version, the text would be cut down significantly, with lots of spectacular effects and music. Every role would be open to both men and women except Ferdinand and Miranda. We may do it “Masque” style with speakers separate from physical actors which would reduce the memorization necessary. No tights. Our version would be costumed Cyber-Punk: Island planet, meteor storm, crashed space ship, alien spirits but hopefully cool.

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  • Shakespeare is well known

  • Remake of “Lost in Space” which is based on the Tempest is being advertised heavily on Netflix.

  • Good connection to literature.

  • Of Shakespeare’s plays, it has the most roles that could easily be gender reversed.

  • We could work with composers to set some of Shakespeare’s lyrics to music.

  • Many characters Large ensemble

  • Could utilize aerial skills for the character Aeriel and the spirits of the island.

  • Challenging to act, exciting juicy roles.


  • Lots of people (including actors) think Shakespeare is boring.

  • Difficult to act

Somewhere, Nowhere

Description: A cycle of one act plays: each play, performed on the same night, features characters who appear as ensemble in the other plays. Contemporary script. About students in a small town high school.


  • Would fit the talent here.

  • Nobody would need to go very far outside their comfort zone.

  • Funny.

  • Medium-large size cast.

  • Easily relatable to actors and audience.

  • Perfect for the little theatre


  • Another unknown script.

  • EHS may not relate to the "small town" idea. But, I think there are deeper ideas to relate to.

  • Light weight, sit-com level

  • Low score on parents survey

A Wrinkle in Time

Dramatic adaptation of the classic novel that inspired the recent movie. It would be another in which simple stage effects could take place of elaborate special effects from the movie.

Video Preview


  • Of the choices, the most well-known.

  • Hugely publicized this year.

  • Best roles specifically for women.

  • Could have the “take-your-kids-to-the-theater” appeal


  • Difficult story to adapt, it is a classic because it started it all…but others have done it better since.

  • Movie is well publicized but not well liked? or is it?

  • I know, we were going to avoid Disney, but they own everything so....

  • Is it Young Adult fiction, thus more relatable to high schooler, or children’s fiction and too young for them?

  • Casting Charles Wallace could be a challenge.

Changing Minds

A funny musical written by the author of the film “Galaxy Quest” especially for production in a high school. In a typical modern high school, the female feminist brainiac of the school magically exchanges body with the male jock. There are subplots as well and contemporary music.

Video Preview


  • Utah High School premiere (I’m pretty sure)

  • Lots of parts, ensemble.

  • Funniest script on the list.

  • Opening song is really great and the rest of the music is pretty good.

  • Relevant discussion about gender, and stereo-types, but in a comic way

  • Simple Costumes

  • Exciting comic roles for the body switchers.


  • We weren’t going to do a musical.

  • Some of the music was designed to sound like current pop songs…from 6 years ago.

  • HSMish.

  • Not a Broadway quality script or score…but still pretty good.

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