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Puffs Callback List

Please come tomorrow after school (Thursday, August 28) prepared to .for just about any character.

Congrats and see you then.

PUFFS call back list

Anina Cummings

Autumn Dohm

Katherine Rockwell

Becca Skeen

Erica Stringham

Sophie Struhs

Chloe Toyn

Jennie Wilson

America Cox

Katie Hutchison

Alexis Jacobs

Carmen Rodriguez

Jade Seliger

Cambria Thorley

Yellow Bestvina

Daffodil Buchert

Alexis Ivory

z.Ray Roghaar

Anna Stewart

Elizabeth Margetts

Makayla McCarey

Romney Preslar

Leonardo Lozano

William Nordhoff

Ethan Jensen

Greysen Johnson

Mickeyl McCarey

Isaac Moss

Harrison Murray

Soren Smith

Edward Trawick

Isaac Boyden

Maximus Rhineer

Max Parke

Judd Thorley

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