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2024 Competition Team Thus Far

Here's something you should know...if we can get 4 pieces in each category, we could win a trophy. But even if we don't any of the following students could win at region in a couple other ways. Here's who we have so far. You have a couple days to add. You can always change your piece (but not category) if what you're working on now doesn't work out.

Click Here for all the competition details.

Humorous Monologue                                                                         

B-101                Zoe Brunstetter: Title?                                   

B-102                Corey Tuipelehake: Title?

B-103                Could it be you?                                          

B-104                Could it be you?                                             


Dramatic Monologue                                                                            

B-201                Marley Jude Jablonski: Stranger Things                            

B-202                Gabriella Raven Williams: itle?                  

B-203                Phin Pasko       Title?                                   

B-204                Could it be you?                                             


Classical Scene                                                                                         

B-301                Wesley Magda, Asher Francis: Comedy of Errors

B-302                Could it be you?                                          

B-303                Could it be you?                                          

B-304                Could it be you?                                           


Contemporary Scene                                                                                  

B-401                Savannah Beebe, Daniel Eley: Hope and Mercy

B-402                Britton Beesley, Ansley Khader: Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music

B-403                Gage Newbold, Chaudon Beesley, Michael McCaffrety: The Tridget of Greeva                                         

B-404                Could it be you?                                           



B-501                Could it be you?                                          

B-502                Could it be you?                                          

B-503                Could it be you?                                          

B-504                Could it be you?                                           


Musical Theater

B-601                LJ Stamper, Jonathan Bennion, Zara Landtedt: I've decided to marry you from a gentleman's guide to love and murder

B-602                Kee Paw: Waiting for life to begin from Once on This Island

B-603                Could it be you?                                          

B-604                Could it be you?                                             


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