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New and Ever Changing Plans

Greetings theater students and families.

It didn't take long for my previous post to become obsolete. But, I still feel most of what I wrote still applies. Please go back and read the first three paragraphs or so.

I still believe that maintaining a reasonable amount of "The Show Must Go On" attitude is a healthy way to get through this crises. I'm still not quite ready to call Cinderella off for good. However, in light of the obvious restrictions for which are completely out of our hands we cannot rehearse in any size group, even by the standards set up last week. So, all rehearsals are cancelled.

Cast members still have the Play and Musical Productions class on their schedule. So, I will be providing some resources on Canvas for that class.

Once we have any idea how long the quarantine will last, we can have a much better idea of how to proceed. It looks like when we do return, it will be unlikely that we will have enough time to prepare for our scheduled performance dates. But, there are many ways, depending on how and when we get back that will allow this show to happen. I have some ideas of how this could go forward. But, I'm not going to publish those now. Things are still too uncertain.

For now, I think it's a good idea that we proceed so that we can be prepared as possible when the quarantine is lifted. However, I do think it's a good idea that we spend no additional money on this show at this time. However, let's complete the projects for which the supplies have already been purchased, including building costumes and props, learning our lines and vocal parts, etc.

In my previous post I said:

Worst case scenario is, of course, that restrictions will not be lifted until every window of opportunity to perform this show has passed. But, will all our efforts have been wasted? No. Definitely not. Our ultimate product was never the show in the first place. That was just a means to an end. Our ultimate product is skills, talents and grit in the students who participate.

This is still true. There is only benefit to be had in continuing to increase our ability to learn and perform, even though the end result could be disappointing.

I have a few projects that, like school lunches, could be picked up on "grab-and-go" basis. Such as:

  • Cutting out and painting horse silhouettes

  • Mice puppets

  • Papier Mache pumpkin

  • Sewing of backdrops and adding grommets and ties.

  • Painting small backdrops (provided you have the space and facilities to do so.)

All of this will be included in another post.

When this school hiatus is over, our community will all be hungry, perhaps famished for social contact and community events. It will be a glorious return for East High Theater and theater events all over the world.

Miss you guys,


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