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Performing Arts Tour to Clayton


I’m excited to get to hear and see you perform this number again. Please let me know if you can’t come for whatever reason, especially soloists. This is a full performing arts tour, Madgrigals, Dance Company, Dance Krew and Orchestra are all going. If you participate in more than one group, we have done what we can to make sure you have time to change clothes, but you may want to work out a system that will allow you to change quickly and modestly without a dressing room. Oh, it's "One Day More" by the way.

Here’s what you need to do and when:


Please download the

Field Trip Request Form performing arts tour clayton
Download PDF • 61KB

or pick up from Mr. McClellan a parent permission slip and have it signed. Please bring it on Monday.

Find your Les Mis T shirt or find another black shirt and dark pants or skirt.

Let Mr. Mc know if you want to have your school lunch to be prepared as a sack lunch for you that day.

Agenda for Monday December 4

Before School: Wear or bring your “costume” Les Mis or other black shirt and dark pants or skirt. If you didn’t tell Mr. Mc to have your school lunch as a sack lunch that day, then bring a lunch.

8:45: Go to first period.

10:15 meet in the auditorium for a runthrough of one day more.

11:20am- buses pick up on 900 south

11:30-11:45am- arrive at Clayton

11:45-12:30-set up, rehearse, space on stage

12:30-1:30pm - performance

1:45 - buses pick us up

2:00 - arrival back at East, you should attend the last portion of 4th period so that your teachers will believe that your serious about their class = better grades.

*Students will be excused for 2A, 3A, and a little bit of 4th period

While you are at Clayton, please respect their cell phone policy. Keep them turned off and put away while you are there.

We will miss lunch at East so bring food or let me know so I can have the cafeteria prepare your lunch as a sack lunch.

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