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It's The Lusty Month of May

Beast bucks for anybody who can name that musical.

Even though there is no show in May, there’s a lot going on.  Please make note of all of these events to wrap up the year:

May 4th  7pm  Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards, Eccles Theater downtown.  I’m still working on getting you tickets.  Planning on being there early and Melanie Rhineer and I will get you in.  Dress nice.

This week, please fill out this survey if you haven’t already.  The more people who fill it out, the better the info will be and the better the decision about next year’s season will be.  Although the questions are mostly for actors, please get your friends and family to take the survey as well. 

May 8.  I will be presenting the short list of musicals and some of the data from the survey and taking your input on some specific titles.  I will do it during Theatre IV-VI 1st period, Madrigals during 2nd period, and during Theatre II during 4th period.  If you don’t have any of those classes, but can talk to your teacher and attend one of them, please do.  I would like to make sure that everybody who will be a senior next year and is hoping to be in the shows get that information.

Before May 10, Seniors – Stop by my room to get the application for your medallion that you can wear with your graduation robes.  It requires 50 points of participation.  Not all of you will qualify, but if you have done theater multiple years, you probably will.  Only one way to know for sure.

Drama Club Officer Elections – If you would like to be President, Vice President, Historian or Publicity officer, fill out this form and start campaigning. If you would like to be Take 5 producer, also fill out the form. Brandon and I will interview you for Take 5 producer position.

Leopard B.I.T.E. The Best Improv Team ever. And Competition showcase. May 20 - 6pm - Little Theater. Come watch the competition pieces and the improv show prepared by Theater IV-VI.

May 24, 5pm - Little Theater Drama Banquet/closing social/Senior wills. 

If you are a senior, leaving behind mementos of little to no monetary value is a great way to inspire your underclassmen.  If you received a will, you may pass it on or retire it.  If it wasn’t particularly positive or if it’s not particularly meaningful to people who don’t remember the people who started the will, please do retire it.  You can also invent any senior will you wish. 

At the banquet you will Learn what the season is, learn who the Drama Officers will be, receive senior wills, seniors will get their medals and watch an end of year slide show. 

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