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Here is the cast list for Take 5! Congrats to everybody on the list. No matter where your name falls, you are going to have a fantastic experience being a part of these shows! The first rehearsal for Take 5 will be held in the Little Theatre on Monday, March 4th @ 3:30 pm. We can't wait to see you all there!! :)

Producer- Brandon Lewis

Bar Stop- Johnathan Bennion

Johnny- Lucy Law

Terissa- Francesca Stergiopoulos

Lawrence- Vasey Payne

Mr. Williams- Cameron McDonough

Bad Dreams- Anna Rollins

Rodney- Acqua Stacey

Kara- Marilyn Heaner

Enoch- Pidge Skeen

Mallory- Lynn Preslar

Blackjack- Grady Jensen

Gresh- Ryan Johnson

Mr. Sergeeve- Ethan Rojas

Mrs. Sergeeve- Lucy Law

Sonya- Gabi Williams

Zoya- Bella Tang

Yevpraksia- Erin Chacon

Sloane- Savannah Beebee

Alessio- T.J Monroy

Mr. Piarce- Johnathan Bennion

Mrs. Piarce- Ansley Khader

Bigby Slick- Kaution Sine

Professors- Mia LaPlante, Ava Smith, Kee Paw

Entourage- Luis Rodarte Robles, Payton Marivan, Kee Paw

Reporters- Mia LaPlante, Ava Smith, Izzy Swenson

Holiday House- Annie Potter

Will- Daniel Eley

Milo- Britton Beesley

Bella- Gabi Williams

Hannah- Zoe Brunstetter

Troy- Oli Oviedo

Leo- Cameron McDonough

A Vacation To Fantasy- Cameron Miller

Narrator- Bella Tang

Raine- Ansley Khader

Harrie Levine- Kee Paw

Ray- Wesley Magda

Nick- Caroline Cratin

Matthew- Ethan Rojas

Wizzly- Erin Chacon

Astor Fahrenheit- Marley Jablonski

Ensemble- Mia LaPlante, Ava Smith, Luis Rodarte Robles

Paperclips- Mel Martinez

Seth- Miguel Ibanez

Willard- Damian Rodriguez

Stanley- Oli Oviedo

Cass- Caroline Cratin

Elliot- Ava Smith

Ian- Wesley Magda

David- Acqua Stacey

Lady- Savannah Beebee

To Be Or Not To Be- Nicca Engel

Nathaniel del Rio

Apologies- Jas Roman

Chaudon Beesley

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